A real estate agent in Colorado may work with a buyer or seller either separately and under an agency relationship (thereby representing only one party's – the buyer's or the seller's – best interests and in the utmost good faith), or as a transaction broker (representing neither party's best interests, but rather managing the transaction and helping the parties come to a win-win decision on price, terms, etc.). There is no dual agency in Colorado, as there still is in some states.

When should I hire an agent?

We hear all the time that a buyer doesn't want to waste an agent's time, that they are only browsing.  But, actually, by not engaging an agent early on in the process, a buyer could be limited themselves not only to seeing all available properties, but from being represented at all.  We never view your asking questions or seeking out some help early on as a waste of time!  In fact, we encourage "browsing" and many of our clients have been looking for over a year before the perfect home pops up on their radar.

The advantage to a buyer who has already hired an agent is that when that perfect home appears, their agent can quickly respond and get the process rolling. That's hugely important in a seller's market, where there are numerous buyers vying for the same home.

So, please do give us a call so that we can help you get a jump on your competition. We are happy to set up a customized search for you, go house browsing and attend open houses just about any day of the week.

Who pays the buyer's agent's commission?

Typically, the seller - through the listing agent - pays our fee in exchange for bringing them a qualified buyer.  You will never pay anything up front to hire your own agent as a buyer, and your agent's commission is paid at closing.

How much experience do you have?

Tons!  Seriously, our agents are all well-experienced and we have Accredited Buyer's Agents on our team.