Over 90% of home buyers start by looking online, and more possible buyers means a greater chance of selling fast and for top dollar.

A well-designed and implemented marketing program integrates both print and electronic media, listing syndication to reach potential buyers where they are searching on hundreds of websites, and much more.

Every property we list contains accurate, detailed and thorough information, as well as professional photographs.  By presenting your home in its best light – no matter what the price range – your listing will stand out and get noticed by the most prospective buyers.

How much do you charge?

First, commissions are always negotiable.  Whether you list with us or someone else, trust your gut. If you feel uneasy about the cost compared to the service provided, tell the agent you'll need to sleep on it.

We are very competitive and we are a full-service brokerage - not a discount brokerage - so you will always get a full array of marketing designed specifically for your property.

What you won't get is an agent working on quantity over quality - and we will always tell you what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear. Our job is to get you the most money for your home in the shortest amount of time, and we are good at what we do.

If you are someone who loves to haggle, please call another brokerage first and get it out of your system. We think you'll be pleased with our prices and services, so plan on spending more time talking about the great features of your home and less time working us over.

What does your marketing include?

A lot of agents will tell you, "Why, of course we offer everything any of the other agents do!"  Don't fall for that - tell them to explain exactly how they will market your home, in great detail.  We love explaining how we will advertise your home because it gets our creative juices flowing.

We've had our homes featured in 5280 Magazine and on various property-type specific websites. Our Dome Home virtual tour on YouTube has had over 75,000 views and is still counting (even though it was sold in early 2017).

Each property is unique, and so is our marketing. Once we see your home in person, we can start to plan our attack.

Beyond Marketing

Our agents include Seller Representative Specialists and Senior Real Estate Specialists, as well as a Broker Price Opinion Resource certified broker/owner.

When you hire one of our listing agents, you will be working with an experienced agent and advisor. We are skilled negotiators and particular about our contracts.

Real estate is possibly the largest investment of a person's lifetime, and we respect that and treat each sale with that in mind.

Our agents typically exceed the minimum amount of training required by the real estate commission and we encourage time off so they aren't getting burned out.

Finally, we don't take every listing. We consider the initial meeting with you as a two-way interview, and both the seller and the agent need to be comfortable with each other and understand each other's goals and expectations.  We love what we do and strive for happy clients.

Next Steps...

Let us prepare a customized home value report for you, and we'll include an estimated seller net sheet so you can see what your bottom line might be when you sell.